Regen Room was born out of a shift in plans.


The Big Bike Ride has been postponed until further notice so the Big Bike Ride team are doubling down on education around regenerative living.

We’ve got some space here. Can you feel it?

Or are you too busy forcing your whole world into a digital realm?

It feels like the right thing to do… quickly and efficiently move everything digital. I mean what else would we do? We need to keep the economy afloat. We can’t halt our progress. 

Look how far we’ve come!

I would like to offer up a different approach.

Slow Down & Listen.

Listen to nature. I feel she is trying to tell us something. It’s like she is calling for us to slow down.

To open up our eyes and see that we are heading straight off the edge of a cliff.

You think COVID 19 is bad she says? This is just a warning sign.

I’m trying to help you she says.

She is a concerned mother. She doesn’t want to punish you but there is no other way.

She says, if you continue I will severe our relationship and the reproduction of your species will come to a halt.

I want to offer up a vision of a different future.

A positive future, where we come together as a global community to regenerate our earthly family.

Did you forget we came from the oceans and soils?

COVID 19 is the naughty corner and we are still being naughty.

SLOW DOWN she says. And we’re still not listening.

Or are you?

You’re ready to listen? Amazing…

Here is what you can do.

Support our farmers, they have work to do. The soil is sick and it needs care.

Look at our energy production. We have sustainable alternatives. Let’s start to use them.

Heal the wounds that continue to be created.

Shop locally and support your community.

How is your neighbour? Have you checked on them recently?

I’m sure they’d love to hear from you (maybe the time is not right now, but it will be soon).

What’s happening in the garden? The land is yearning for your hands. It wants to bear fruit for you and your family. Do you have some time to nurture it so that it may nurture you?

These big corps and multinationals don’t care about you. They don’t care about the land or the oceans.

Why do you support them?

Did you forget about the lady that is keeping bees down the road? She has honey for you.

Turn off the TV. It has nothing for you. It will only numb you. 

Do you want to be nourished? So do I.

That’s why I am reaching out to scientists, CEO’s and first nations people to learn.

Learn where we went wrong.

Do you want to learn?

Join me in the Regen Room.

Coming soon.

P.S. Enrollments to the Reunion communities RiseUp transition accelerator program are open now until the 8th of April 2020. This program is one answer to the many global crises we are currently facing. I am a proud RiseUp cohort and can not recommend this community highly enough.