If you’ve never seen a solar powered electric bike before then lay your eyes on this beautiful machine!

The Solar Powered Electric Bicycle

This is the vehicle I’ll be using to ride around Australia. The bike has generously been lent to me for the year by some legends at @glowwormbicycles in Marrickville.

Glow Worm Bicycles was one of the first retail electric bike stores in Sydney and they have an innovative approach towards two wheeled travel.

I haven’t adopted a name for this beast yet so if you have any ideas for names please drop them in the comments and we can get started on co creating this journey!

How Does It Work?

The panel on the cargo box roof is attached to batteries underneath the box which feeds solar power into the Genasun. The Genasun is an advanced solar charge controller that is designed to extract the most power possible from solar panels. This power is then fed through cable to the electric motor on the back wheel. 

It’s estimated I’ll be able to get a couple hundred km’s out of a full charge and the vehicle is capable of moving at speeds of up to 40 km/per hour

This is going to be massively helpful when I’m on the road. The Big Bike Ride is planned to cover over 15,000 kilometres and will pass through over 100 communities.

The Big Bike Ride is partnered with adventure safety database WEJUGO which will ensure the trip is as safe as possible.

Making Change

There are several community activations planned so far and thanks to our event partner YARN we have plenty more on the way! The activations throughout the year will be held by The Big Bike Ride and YARN and will involve safe spaces for important conversations to take place. We will show film screenings of the hybrid documentary 2040 which is focussed on regenerative solutions and create discussions around the ideas mentioned in the documentary.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to regenerate our environment here in Australia and this bike is going to be a vehicle for change so that we can identify where solutions will be best implemented, understand what our communities need and connect with those that require support and regeneration.

Get In Touch

If you want to learn more about the bike ride, communities that will be visited or solutions we’re working with than sign up to the newsletter or come to the Big Bike Ride Crowdfunding Gala Night in Sydney on Friday the 28th of February

If you live in Australia and know somewhere the Big Bike Ride should visit then get in touch via the contact form below.

Don’t forget to help us co create the bikes name as well!

Time Until The Vehicle For Change Departs Sydney