So I’ve just finished a 4 week crowdfunding campaign and honestly, I am so glad that it’s done!


I’ve had a massively transformational experience and learnt so much about the power of the crowd and how valuable it is to have the support of the community but boy was it a rollercoaster ride.

I underestimated the amount of work that it would take and overcommitted myself to other tasks during the same time period. Plus, because I was emotionally invested in the outcome, there was a whole different layer of weight to the work.

Before I get into it I want to express my most heartfelt gratitude to all of my family, friends, community and project partners for supporting me throughout the campaign. It’s now your project as well.

Yes, I’ll be the one straddled in the seat for the expedition but you will all be with me in spirit and you all play an integral part in this project.

Together we can unite Australians and show that individual action and community collaboration is key to a strong, safe and connected Australia for future generations.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Preparation is key! 

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t follow my own advice when entering into this campaign. I think I spent about two weeks preparing the campaign before launch when I really should have spent at least two months.

A few of the campaign rewards were focussed on business sponsorship and in hindsight I could have started conversations with those businesses months prior to the campaign launch. That way I would have had their buy in before the campaign launched which is an integral part of having a successful campaign.

Shout out to Meralli Projects who supported the campaign by sponsoring community activations. Meralli Projects is revolutionising the Australian solar industry by providing the most cost effective solar farm installation process.

Community Collaboration

A big success story from the campaign was watching the community rally behind the project and contribute generously as well as share the story through their own communities and networks. Without this groundswell of support from all of you legends, the campaign may not have been successful so I can not thank you enough!

It was a really beautiful experience compiling a list of potential supporters to share the campaign and then asking them to share and being met with open arms and fingers at the ready to smash out some social media sharing!

To all of you that shared with project, I can’t thank you enough. I felt so grounded knowing that there are humans out there who share the same desire to give back to Australia and support Australians in uniting around regenerative practices.

The money that has been raised will go directly towards setting up community events in a number of locations around Australia.


 What’s next?

 It’s time to prepare! Less than 1 month until The Big Bike Ride departs Sydney and there is a lot to get ready!


The Solar Bike – I have got some time scheduled to with Ali and Sarah from Glowworm Bicycles to make sure I have the knowledge to care for and fix the bike if need be. I’ll be learning all the things from changing brake pads to monitoring electrical diagnostics.


The Gear – Thanks to legends at Patagonia and Wild Earth i’ll be kitted out with all the gear to keep me safe and snuggly. Once I have got the epic products these guys produce i’ll pack it all up and take the bike for a test ride to see how it handles with all the extra weight.


The Route – The trip has been planned through Google Maps and looks to be just shy of 15,000km on the map (although it will be longer with all the visits and stops i’ll be making). I’ll need to load this into the adventure safety database WEJUGO so that mum and dad can keep track of my whereabouts when i’m in the remote wilderness of Australia.


The Events – Super keen to get these going! With the help of YARN Australia and 2040 i’ll be facilitating events in a dozen different locations around the country and i’m stoked to get out there and share stories, learn from one another, connect with country and showcase regenerative solutions that can help to ensure a safe, strong and united future for all Australians and the future generations.


Check the calendar for all upcoming events here.

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